Investment Banks

We seek to build partnerships with investment bankers

You have clients who need capital. You can also advise us on the “buyside”, where we seek help making a new platform or add-on investment. And of course our portfolio companies require capital raising and M&A services.

Let’s meet. We have five offices across the country.


What are New State’s target criteria?

Please see here for our target size, industries and structure.

Does New State hire buyside advisors?

Yes! We have paid 14 buy-side advisory fees through 2021.  We value industry advice and also want to be fee-paying clients.

Does New State hire advisors for raising debt capital?

Yes! We look to investment banks to help us find the best debt capital for acquisition financing and growth/dividend transactions.

How can we connect?

Please reach out to one of our dedicated business development leaders: John Kim or Madi Lang. In addition, we are a regular on networking conference circuit.

What our partners are saying

We have an excellent relationship with New State Capital Partners.

Since we partnered in December 2014, our company has completed 5 add-on acquisitions, grown our footprint substantially, broadened the product offering, and established the company as the undisputed leader in the US market. We have expanded the bench of senior leadership, and set the company up for long term success. NSCP has worked with us collaboratively to plan and successfully execute our strategy.”