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New State Healthcare Emerging Solutions seeks to partner with exceptional executives to launch and grow technology-enabled businesses in healthcare, addressing medical and behavioral health population needs. We aim to create value by building a scale platform.

Alongside New State’s committed capital base, NSHES seeks a large, anchor customer. With this arrangement our executives can focus on driving value for the customer rather than raising capital and the anchor customer is guaranteed that the business has the capital needed for sustained, long-term success.

Beyond capital, we support our executives by providing access to our network of operating partners and domain experts and taking a meaningful role in securing the anchor customer.

New State has been an excellent partner.

Through the acquisition, they were careful to keep us informed and to negotiate with care and respect. NSCP is the only private equity firm we have encountered that actually demonstrates mindfulness in all areas of the acquisition experience. They are evolving private equity in all the right ways.”


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